Samson Wong

The following results are from an anonymous poll given to 8 students, 

 62.5% (5/8 students) find staying at home uneventful and boring while 37.5 % (3/8 students) 

 37.5 % (3/8 students) actually find this time off enjoyable while a majority of 62.5 %find this time as suffocating and unenjoyable 

Of the 8 students interviewed, there is a general consensus that our federal government is not doing enough, or acted in a serious manner far too late. According to one student“I feel like our federal government is not doing a great job, but individual states are doing is great! Like, I’m amazed how a lot of governors stepped up to the job.”   

Another question that was asked was about their opinions about the individual responses to Coronavirus. One answer managed to encapsulate the sentiments of the entire group stating that: “It is during this time that the best and worse is brought out in people. Racism is growing dangerous but there’s also landlords saying people don’t have to pay rent, celebrities donating money to their fans, and employers doing everything possible to give money to their employees.”  

 As students, we must keep up with this pandemic, as this is not the first nor will it be the last of them. We are the future, and with global warming worldwide crisis will only increase. The only thing we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I personally agree with the answers given by those who responded. The United States does not have what it needs in healthcare infrastructure, and I firmly believe it is up to our generation to figure out a way to fix our flawed system. On a final note, we must remember to be kind. As much as we don’t like to admit, our paradigm of races and people with forever be changed. It is up to us, as people to make sure that change does not harm or infringe upon the comfort or rights of certain populations.