Mock Trial Sees First Win of the Season!

Mock Trial Sees First Win of the Season!

Sophie Coker

Vestal’s Mock Trial team had it’s first trial against Maine-Endwell on Tuesday, March 2nd. At the Federal Courthouse in Binghamton, they took home it’s first victory of the season!

The prosecution side of the team, consisting of lawyers Megan Burdick, Sean Reynolds (seniors) and Antonio Aaron (sophomore), as well as witnesses Rocio Guay (junior), Xiu-Zhen Slogar (senior), and Sophie Coker (sophomore), put up a strong argument against the Maine-Endwell defense team, securing the win.

This year’s NYS trial is focused on the supposed circulation of stolen goods and valuables on the dark web purchased with crypto-currency. The Mock Trial team, directed by Mr. O’Shea and Mr. Aaron, has trials on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting this week in Binghamton.

Vestal has a bye in the schedule this year, it’s next trial is Tuesday, March 10th. The defense side of the team is preparing to go against the Binghamton team.