Review: The Final Six

Review: The Final Six

Sophie Coker

s climate change brings extreme weather challenges to Earth, the existence of the human race is struggling to stay alive. Taking place after a backfired human launch to Mars, new technology is available to send more humans away and try to inhabit a different Earth. Income: Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.


People have been aware of the Europa draft for years. But Leo, an Italian swimmer, and Naomi, a science prodigy from California, are stunned both when they get picked for the draft. The fate of their future looms over them as they head to the International Space Training Camp with twenty-four other teenagers. As their training progresses, the twenty-four will be limited to The Final Six, who will further be sent into space.


Leo has suffered tragedy with the extreme weather. With the loss of his family to a devastating flood, nothing and no one awaits his arrival back at his home in Rome. For Leo, the Europa mission is his last hope for his life. He must make it into The Final Six. But for Naomi, the draft was all but convenient. Though her family has been relocated due to the weather, her family is still in tact. She has no plans on leaving them anytime soon. Naomi must compete for a fate that she has no desire for.


Unexpectedly, Leo and Naomi must compete for The Final Six in an epic, cutthroat experience. But as they grow closer, the frightening reality that they may eventually be separated by -literally- worlds. 


Many books in the YA genre have a non-engaging beginning, unsatisfying ending, or a plot that’s boring and hard to follow. The Final Six has none of these. I re-read this book because I recently got the sequel and wanted to be refreshed on the story and characters. My eyes were glued to the book for two and a half days straight (if it were up to me, I would’ve read it in one sitting). The Final Six has everything I want in a YA novel and more. Characters? So amazing. Leo and Naomi have such great chemistry, and I love the internal and external conflicts all throughout the book. Plot? Absolutely terrific. Would be awful to live through, yes, but an awesome concept that is executed perfectly. Beginning and end? Beginning is fast-paced and exciting and doesn’t leave the readers in the dark about the characters. Ending has a good balance of suspense and leaves the readers wanting more. The re-read was possibly better than when I first read it. A YA/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic novel that will engross your mind for however long you read it, The Final Six doesn’t fail to disappoint. I wouldn’t change one thing about this book. 5/5 stars. Though the book is fast-paced, it’s super exciting and entertaining. I would recommend The Final Six to anyone who likes YA and sci-fi novels.