Students complete Girl Scouts Silver Award

Students complete Girl Scouts Silver Award

Grace Yoon

This past summer Kara Dhakal and I planted a garden at George F. Johnson library for our  Silver Award Girl Scout project. Creating this garden took 50 hours and was a long and rewarding process.

First we had to weed the garden to create an environment that plants could grow in. There was also a rose bush that was previously planted so we pruned the rose bush as we were weeding. There wasn’t plentiful sunlight where we were planting so we planted peonies which could grow without as much sunlight. The garden was rather sparse despite the flowers we planted so we planted ferns and hostess that were donated by friends. After most of the planting process was finished we came back a few times to water the plants and monitor their growing process.

To decorate the garden we decided to paint rocks. We were mostly done with working on the garden at this point and there was only one more thing we needed to do. Spread the word! We hung up flyers at various stores such as Weis, Walmart, etc and posted pictures of our flyers on Instagram.

Although the garden took a long time to create it was so much fun getting to know the library staff and spend more time outside with my friend. Although the garden isn’t in full bloom right now we are anticipating the flowers and ferns to blossom near spring months. We hope you enjoy the garden as much we did when creating it!