Why don’t we use the metric system?

Why don't we use the metric system?

Gustav Gebbie

It seems ridiculous. We use a system that is outdated, stupid and pointless, rather than a system that is based upon the number 10, which is one of the easiest numbers to multiply by. We use the imperial system, which sounds kind of stupid considering we rebelled against the Imperial British empire. So why do we use a system that seems like it makes conversions at complete random (I’m looking at you 16 ounces for a pound).

We need to look at where it came from first. It came from the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution in the 1790s. They wanted to create a rational system to distance themselves from their past monarchy. And they came up with the metric system.

The United States was also beginning to form a new nation around the time of the French Revolution. The Americans also wanted a new system that would be unlike Britain’s. And they were considered allies of the French, so it would have been considered normal for them to adopt the new system. However, government officials thought that it wasn’t widespread enough to be implemented successfully. So they decided to stay with the Imperial System.

Just as the metric system was picking up popularity, there were powerful American businesses. They had created standardized measurements to help make finished products more identical. THey thought that it would be too expensive to change their entire measurement system, so business leaders decided to keep with the same measurement.

Think of how important measurements are in our lives. They are important for everything from measuring our height to diet information. So it makes no sense we have used an outdated system for so long.