Tips for Studying

Grace Yoon

As the middle of the year approaches midterms and regents are coming up. Studying for these exams can be a long, monotonous process. Anonymous sources says, “Read over and over and say it over and over until you don’t feel well physically and emotionally and you wonder why this is even important, I’m (the source) going to forget this in less than a month, I hate this I just want to drift into a nice dream” and “Isolate yourself from everyone else in your house and spiral deeper and deeper into burnout and sleep deprivation.”

The feeling of stress from the overwhelming amount of work is something that many students can relate to. However, there are ways to cope through this time. Here are a few tips for studying and test taking that will produce optimal results. Sites such as quizlet provide interesting games and flashcards that will allow you to memorize information efficiently. If you the same chew gum while studying and taking the test the flavor of the gum might spark memory.

Often during tests the process of elimination will leave you with two choices that seem correct. In these cases the answer that you thought was correct at first is most likely right. Students recommend beginning to study a few days before the exam and using every resource the teacher has suggested. Staying up late can be more ineffective than effective because your level of concentration most likely decreases as it gets later and also while taking the test sleepiness can result in misreading questions, sloppy work, and the inability to think clearly.

Being attentive during a teacher’s lecture is also crucial. Although memorizing knowledge is simple learning how to apply the knowledge into tests can be difficult. This is why is useful to solve practice questions before a test. Methods of studying are different for various people. Some people may only find the need to study notes or the textbook but others may use methods such as videos, songs, and group studying to increase memorization.

Studying and test taking are difficult tasks but a good result makes the struggle worth it.