Book review – Legend

Book review - Legend

Grace Yoon

Nationalism is the complete support of your country no matter what it does while patriotism is pride for your country. Patriotism is what created America. But nationalism is what has grown to control it. Having a country that is made up of people loyal to it without question would definitely ensure power. But it is the patriots that lead the country in the right direction. June, a nationalist, and Day, a patriot grow to learn what the right choices for their country are. 

The will to gain power is what drives any country into war. When America is split apart both sides are eager to take over the other. In this new country, there are two types of people. The people who contribute the military are given power, status, and money. The people who do not are beggars and criminals. The country needs soldiers and the people that can’t contribute are simply useless. This is what is practical. This is what is logical. But is it right?

Although the country tries its best to recruit perfect soldiers, nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has emotions. Soldiers may be nationalists but they aren’t inhumane. They feel the guilt of killing people. They feel sadness for loss. Because of this, manipulation is required to keep people in line. 

When you see a beggar out in the streets you might think that it was because of laziness and ignorance that brought him to the streets. But the beggar might be a person that has always worked diligently and hard and has never been repaid for his work and sees you as a person that uses someone then throws them away when they aren’t needed anymore. To June her brother Metias is all she has after her parents death. When she hears that Day had murdered her brother she vows to do anything to get her revenge. Day has been hurt by the country too many times. His father’s dead, his brothers Eden is sick from a plague the country has spread, and his brother John is working himself to death everyday to support his family. They see each other has enemies, because the world looks different on different sides. To June Day might look like a criminal that is trying to ruin the country that supports him. To Day June is a rich soldier that has never experienced a Day of hardship and supports the country that had done terrible things to him and his family. Both of them are suffering in different ways that the other can’t relate too. The lack of understanding on both sides is what the country uses to keep the soldiers from feeling pity. The enemy isn’t each other. The enemy is the country that had wronged both of them. 

Not everything is colored in black and white. Nothing’s ever completely one sided. Everyone has a different story, different reasons, and different motivations. The way we judge people by quick appearances is what keeps us from seeing the bigger picture.