Girls Basketball builds confidence!

Nikki Limer

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The Vestal girls basketball program aims to build confidence, persistence, and a love for the game of basketball. The season is currently in full swing with Nick Anderson as the JV team’s head coach, Michelle Reynolds as the Varsity team’s head coach, and Micky Greenberg as the assistant Varsity coach. Nick Anderson is the son of Tank Anderson and Michelle Reynolds is the sister of the previous Varsity coach Joe Reynolds. This is the first year Anderson has coached at Vestal and this is the first year Reynolds has coached the Varsity girls basketball team after a year of coaching the JV team.  All three coaches provide the players with valuable knowledge of the game.

Coach Anderson has a team of 11 girls, two eighth-graders, five freshmen, and four sophomores. The JV team currently has a record of 9-3 and won the Johnson City Wildcat Holiday Tournament for the second year in a row. For the past few weeks, the JV team was lucky enough to have Shelly Anderson and Courtney Franz, two graduates of not only Vestal but the Varsity girls basketball team, come back to work with us and support us. The JV team’s next game is at 5:30 at home vs Newark Valley.

Coach Reynolds has a   team of 10 girls, three sophomores, six juniors, and one senior. The team is lucky to have the wisdom and assistance of a former Washington General, Coach Greenberg. The Varsity team currently has a record of 3-9. Led by their captains Lizzie England, Emma Lewis, and Maddie Donlin, they set a good example of determination and motivation. The Varsity and JV team constantly encourage and drive each other to work harder. Come out and support the Varsity team as they play Newark Valley, Wednesday at 7:00 at home.