High School food tops that of Middle School

High School food tops that of Middle School

Sriya Pallapothu

We all remember middle school lunch, with its ear splitting shouts and its endless cacophony of sound. In high school, however, the cafeteria is actually very quiet. This is because most people go out to lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria, and many of them have yet to experience the cafeteria food. 

Overall, I’d say that the cafeteria food at the high school is much better than the food at the middle school. The high school offers a variety of foods to eat, and unlike the middle school, it has a fro-yo machine, which in my opinion, is the best part. However, there are elements of our cafeteria food that could be described, at best, as questionable.

For example, one time the cafeteria offered samples of a new “spicy” yellow dip. When I ate some of it, I found that this dip was in fact, not spicy at all, it was just cheesy. Then, when I looked closer at what I was eating, I saw that there were giant white chunks of some ambiguous substance. As you can imagine, this ruined my appetite, and I stopped eating it. 

The Monday before Thanksgiving break, I was in the cafeteria eating lunch with some of my friends, when I was alerted to an important concern. According to my source, somebody had found hair in their hamburger, which is totally disgusting. The person in question did end up receiving a new lunch, but still, it was kind of nasty.

Focusing on the good things about cafeteria food, I will admit that the potato fries are very good (at least in my opinion) and people who have eaten the pasta and chicken nuggets have seemed to really enjoy their lunch. I’ve also heard good things about yogurt parfaits, and I often see people consider getting seconds on fro-yos. 

As a freshman in high school, I often compare many things to the way they were in middle school. The cafeteria food in high school is a lot better than the food in middle school, even with all of the questionable substances included within. Not only have people gotten seconds on fro-yos, but they also get seconds for other meals. And the second free food is offered, people crowd around the free food cart and grab whatever they can get their hands on.

In conclusion, the results of this investigation have proven that cafeteria food is indeed better than middle school food, but there are some questionable elements that you should be wary of.