Hamilton – a lovable musical!

Hamilton - a lovable musical!

Nikki Limer

I went to see Hamilton on Broadway in New York City with my friend last fall. It was my first time seeing a Broadway musical and it was outstanding. Hamilton opened on Broadway in 2015 which is when I first got hooked on the music. History has never been that interesting to me, but Hamilton turns history into something I can relate to. It was very fascinating and fun seeing it acted out after only listening to the soundtrack for so long. By the time I went to see it, there weren’t any original cast members left and at first, I was apprehensive. All the characters looked different and their voices sounded different. However, I quickly got over this as the new actors and actresses began to develop their characters on stage. In fact I liked some of the actors better than the original cast.

It was crazy how so many of the songs were better because I was able to see the actors acting out the scenes. A lot of the actors made the songs their own by adding certain inflections and facial expressions which made the musical ten times better. By seeing the musical I was able to make a lot of new connections within the songs even though I knew them so well. The fact that I knew all the songs word for word was not necessarily bad, but not great either. A negative to this was that when an actor forgot a line or word or came in too early or even cut each other off sooner than in the soundtrack, I noticed. When this happened it brought me out of the trance a musical can put you in, bringing me back to the fact that these actors were just acting.Which brings me to another interesting thought I had about seeing actual people act out the songs.

You’d think seeing the musical would make it seem more real, but I felt that seeing actors acting out the songs on the stage actually made it seem like more of a fictional story instead of the real historical story it is. However, in another way the acting displayed what people might have actually felt like while all this was going on. For example, during one of the songs Alexander Hamilton releases the Reynolds Pamphlet, a document that greatly harms the people’s opinion of him. During this song Hamilton, Hamilton’s wife and his sister in law are devastated, creating a feeling of sympathy for them and overall sadness. At the same time, this document thrills Thomas Jefferson because Alexander is no longer a threat. Therefore within this two minute song you are constantly feeling conflicting emotions.

Overall I would give this musical ten thousand stars. It was an amazing experience and all of the performers were outstanding. I would highly encourage everyone to go and see it whether or not you know the story. The music can definitely stand on its own, but when it’s added to a live performance you end up with a fantastic and loveable musical.