Science Olympiad prepares for competition


Banshika Mangal

    The Vestal Science Olympiad teams will participate in the Cornell Science Invitational Tournament on Saturday, November 23, 2019 . The teams (A and B) consist of 30 members altogether, with 2 alternates. This year, there are four team captains. Saavan Kaneria (senior captain), Afzal Shah and Angelina Consolazio (study captains) and Daksh Mehta (build captain).

     Members compete in pairs or in groups of three in different competitions against other schools. Students compete in 23 events (three to four each) that pertain to many different areas of science, including earth science, biology, engineering, forensics, and more. These competitions can either be study events or build events. Study events include a written test on one specific area of science .

     Members are also allowed cheat sheets specific to the event guidelines. Build events are competitions in which members have to build something (pertaining to the event) that has to perform a specific function. This all takes place prior to the actual competition. (These specificities are also included in the event guidelines.) Science Olympiad (SciOly for short) requires commitment, preparation, teamwork, and knowledge of science.

     Good luck and go Bears!