Volunteer to foster a pet!

Volunteer to foster a pet!

Victoria Lamoureux

Do you love animals and would like to get a pet, but aren’t sure if you can make the long term commitment? Then fostering homeless animals may be right for you! Many local shelters such as the Broome County Humane Society, offer an amazing fostering program and you and your family can help out the pet community by volunteering to foster!

Fostering animals is a wonderful experience where you can learn the responsibilities of taking care of pets. However, before you decide, you must consider many things. First and foremost; are you willing and able to see to all of the animal’s needs? Dealing with animals – especially more than one at a time – is hard and time consuming work. Pets need comfort and socialization, food, and a clean environment. Time in the day has to be dedicated to provide these necessities to them. Space also needs to be implemented. Kittens and puppies should not have the full run of the house. Instead, a safe, small comfy room or a bathroom are better options. Additionally, pets are very messy! You may have to clean and groom them. 


My family and I just recently got into the foster program. This past June, we fostered three 4 week old kittens for a month and we are currently fostering three more now. They are a lot of work, but the good parts outweigh the bad, gross parts. We used the Broome County Humane Society program and they provided all of the materials that were necessary. In addition, they are good at communicating with families and new foster parents in case of any questions or concerns. If you want to learn more about them, you can visit their website at bchumanesoc.com. 

Foster care is an incredible opportunity where you can learn lessons valuable for both school and the future. Responsibility, time management and caretaking are only some of the skills gained. You can enjoy the company while also helping to create strong, healthy, adoptable pets for the community.