Senior reflection: Emma Hroncich

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Senior reflection: Emma Hroncich

Emma Hronich

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I grew up in Horseheads, New York, about an hour away but it was where I called home. However, my dad got a new job when I was seven years old here in Vestal. The transition from Horseheads to Vestal took about four months, but eventually I started my new life here.

After moving into our new house I had about five days until my first day of school at Glenwood Elementary. It was October at this time so still very early in the school year, yet I was beyond nervous for my first day. My neighbors were both girls my age, they introduced themselves when we first moved in so I knew I at least had them as my friends already. When I got to school though I was shocked, everyone talked to me.

They were all so friendly, both students and teachers. Since I was the new girl everyone wanted to talk to me and I felt like I fit in. Some of those people who I met my first day in second grade are still my close friends after ten years later. My first day in second grade was only the beginning of my journey here at Vestal.

Three years later I “graduated” from fifth grade and I was ready to conquer middle school. Middle school was a very nerve racking thought back then because it was a major adjustment. We had to meet all new people, it was bigger, we switched classes, we got schedules, lockers, and it was time to get serious about school. Although I was nervous for middle school, I wouldn’t change a thing about those three years. Middle school is an awkward time, you are starting to grow up and everyone is at different points of their lives. But this was the time I met my closest friends who I still love dearly today.

And now after those three years of middle school and four years of high school I am graduating with all my amazing friends. I had an unforgettable school experience here at Vestal and I am grateful for every second of it. There will always be hard times where you think you can’t do anymore of school, but it is all worth it when you are here now in my position. I am graduating in fifteen days and I’m so excited, I just went to my college orientation and I’m even more excited about my future.

I would like to thank Vestal for all the opportunities given to me and I encourage everyone to take advantage of your time here with all your friends. Because someday you will be going off to college and have to go your separate ways. I will never forget Vestal and all the amazing people here.

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