Senior reflection: Josh Harrison

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Senior reflection: Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison

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My experiences at Vestal High School have been the best of many, some more memorable than most. I know some things I’ll probably forget  – some things like the funny lunch memories when we dumped ranch all over someones pizza, or hiding each others backpack on our way back from lunch. But the one thing I will never forget are my four best friends. They are the reason I made it through high school and they made it an experience I could never take back.

If I could go back and do it again, I would. But I wouldn’t change anything, I would just relive every great time we had in the school. They made prom one of the most memorable nights of my life. We danced the night away on the dance floor then went to the after prom to see insane magic and hypnotism. I watched one of my friends forget his own name and dance like a hula girl and he doesn’t remember a thing.

Some of my favorite days were going to school then doing car work the rest of the day with someone I would call my brother. I also couldn’t forget about baseball season which is also the time of gym softball, which is the best thing ever created. It was always my favorite time of year when baseball rolled around. Everyone on that team was so close to each other and absolutely hilarious.

My favorite memory from playing was every single day at practice, talking to my best friend, Caleb, who is also my roommate in college. He has been my throwing partner for every team we’ve played on together. He’s helped me throughout high school with basically everything. He was my “go-to” if I had to talk about something. He helped me in school if I needed help and showed me how to understand math.

Of course there were rough times in my high school years, but everyone has them. My worst high school experience was my junior year. Compared to all the other years of high school, junior year was by far the most difficult. Math was impossible, chemistry was also impossible and there was more work in all classes. Not that it’s an issue: I just don’t like homework but I always ended up doing it. I’m also annoyed at the people that told me that math is easy senior year because I already took algebra 2, but that’s a lie because it’s still impossible.

There were the ups and downs of high school but I made it through it and I’m off to start my future off in the right direction.

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