Senior reflection: Megan Topp

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Senior reflection: Megan Topp

Megan Topp

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My experience at Vestal High School was one to remember, I enjoyed a lot of things this school had to offer. In my freshman year I experienced my first pep rally, which was my favorite out of all eight that we had in the last four years. It was the most exciting and most hands of from school staff that we had.

The most memorable things I experience was prom though. I went four times in my high school career. Just the dressing up and feeling the most beautiful you is the greatest feeling ever. But I would say don’t take these years for granted.

I also played softball, I was a four time varsity player. The unforgettable memories and friendships will last me a lifetime. From bus rides home partying and singing music together as a team to ending the drought for Vestal Softball. In 2019 we became Section Champs again for the first time since 2005. We made an impact as seniors our last year here and I couldn’t be more proud of where we all came from.

I learned a lot in the fast forward program our school offered in graphic design, I used the photoshop program that our school had at home to create the Varsity Softball teams senior shirts. This is something I will use later in life for the job I hope to have in my future.

I want to leave some tips for the classes who are becoming seniors. You really need to keep up with all your work, it’s so important. Slipping behind in grades isn’t in your best interest.Also take advantage of the extra credit your teachers give you, that comes in handy when you had a rough time on a test. Regularly see your counselor about things you can do to get ready for college and get on scholarships as soon as possible.

 Senior year as a whole is full of good times, take advantage of every fun opportunity you can. This year will go by so fast, yes every senior and adult says this. But you have no idea how true it is until you’ve reached the end of the year. Make the most of being with your class and make new friends.

Also invest in yourself a little too, you are the most important person you have. Don’t let work get you down and unfortunate things that happen this year. Make your happiness a priority and make an effort to make yourself happy. The happier you are this year the better memories and time you have. Make sure others are also happy and enjoying themselves this year.

I hope your senior year is your best year.

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