Senior reflection: Kaylee Atticks

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Senior reflection: Kaylee Atticks

Kaylee Atticks

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I have learned a lot over the past four years in high school. There have been both positive and negative experiences. I have had a hard time with school, and I have struggled.

Tests and quizzes have always been hard for me, and I would always get low scores on most of my tests and quizzes, but I kept pushing through. Some nights it would take me up to four hours outside of school to get all my school work done and studying. A lot of teachers have helped me along the way, explaining to me what I don’t understand.

In the past four years, I have also looked into clubs. I was in the yearbook in all of middle school, and I continued yearbook through 9th to 11th grade. I love editing, and it was so much fun looking through pictures and editing certain pages for the yearbook. This year I decided to try something new I joined tech club, and I got to be in the club with a lot of my friends.

In elementary, I was outgoing, but once middle school started and high school, I started to become shy. Being so shy and quiet has made it more difficult for me to find friends, and some years, I was left out. I also learned that not everyone in the Vestal School District was the nicest and that there is a lot of drama and people could be mean, but all of these experiences helped me prepare for the real world and made me learn to stay away from drama and people like that.

I got all my work done and learned that you should do all your work, that’s how you succeed, get passing grades, and get through in life. At some points, I was stressed to the point where I felt like crying and giving up on certain assignments, but I gave it my all and still pushed through. Other nights I would stay up all night because I have really bad anxiety for presentations and speaking in front of the class.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do or what I’m going to be. I have always wanted to be a photographer ever since I was younger, but I’ve been second-guessing, and I need to figure that part of my life out still but I know i’m ready to be done and out in the real world. I know I will miss some parts of high school but as of right now i’m very happy that it will be over in a few days and that all my hard work in the Vestal School District paid off.

Although there has been negative and positive moments in Vestal High School i’m so happy that I got to learn in this district and I’m so thankful for all the teachers who have helped me.


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