Senior perspective: Marijuana should remain illegal

Colton Luker

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    As of right now New York has kept marijuana illegal and needs to keep it that way. It has too much of an impact on the younger population. It is a gateway drug, or a drug that leads to others. Drugs like heroin, crack and synthetic marijuana.  

   While yes, it not very deadly the results of the side effects can be very deadly. One of the effects of marijuana is impaired reaction time. Like alcohol, if you get behind the wheel it dramatically increases the chances of being involved in a crash. So now you are putting your own life on the line but if there are others in the vehicle their lives are now at risk.

  Marijuana also impairs judgment leading to unsafe decisions like driving while under the influence, not wearing a seat belt, and taking part in activities that you normally would not take part in. It has even been known to have same memory loss properties. So now you’re doing thing you would normally not do and you may not even remember it or only parts of it.

  So instead of drunk drivers now we will have drunk and more under the influence drivers on the roads. With higher risk of crashes it has potential for more road closures or reduced traffic flow. When you close a highway it is stopping millions of dollars are being stop.

  And here we back to life safety, with these crashes it put more police, fire and ems out in traffic endangering their lives to help those that did not think of the consequences. While yes the tax on the drug may be high I don’t think its worth the distraction that it would create. It cost some people who are addicted so much money. Some of the younger population would not realize the amount money they are spending in the drug. It would also create many problems to make sure that there are standards held. The federal government  who have to step in to help.

And no matter what law politicians would put in place there will always be an illegal market. Because it would probably be 21 and older everyone below that would be looking for a way to get their hands on some weed. Therefore making it legal won’t solve all of the illegal activity from it.


That is only scratching the surface of problems that  would become part of our society if New York state or the Federal government legalize marijuana.  


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