Angelo Petrilli: Senior Reflection

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Angelo Petrilli: Senior Reflection

Angelo Petrilli

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  My high school experience was one I won’t forget. Throughout my four years in high school I was able to grow as a person and become more comfortable with myself and to not be insecure. I see my biggest improvement is that I’m more social than I was in earlier years of elementary and middle school.

     The best part of high school was definitely the friendships I made here. I used to be pretty quiet and kind of an introverted person when I started my freshmen year. Over time I began to become more confident and practiced my skills in talking and having conversations.

     The friendships I’ve made has also encouraged me to explore new things and get out of my comfort zone. Joining clubs, going to dances, and doing things I thought I would’ve ever done. I started challenging myself into doing some advance learning course and leaving behind having testing accommodations and getting aid from resource teachers on learning. I wanted to be left on my own and try learning and adapting on my own.

     Freshmen and sophomore years were a bit slow for me and still trying to be more confident. Once junior and senior year kicked off, they were probably my favorite years of high school, I liked my teachers, and started my IB course for art. It was just a time when the classes started getting interesting. I’m just surprised how good my grades were when a lot of my work was procrastinating and improvising.

     Another highlight was being on the swim team. Not only was it another setting to be more social, but it got me to swim for the college I’m going to. Getting to swim with team and getting to know the guys is something I’ll never forget and miss when I’m in college. The football games or any other game I went to see with friends was pretty cool, there wasn’t much paying attention to game itself but just somewhere to hang out. I really learned a lot when taking my art classes.

     Getting to draw digitally and slightly struggling in the writing. To the extent of getting pieces in an art museum and getting one of my pieces on the cover of a pamphlet for the show is one of the coolest experiences and gets me excited to continue creating. Vestal High School may have some hiccups and have some boring moments but I’ll still remember my learning and the friendships I’ve made here, it was such a great time.

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