Visions Federal Credit Union @ VHS

Olivia Muse

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One of the most popular questions asked by students attending Vestal High School back in early January was: Why is there a bank opening in our school? Thankfully, Tyrone Muse, the CEO of Visions Federal Credit Union, answered this question, along with many others.

The purpose of implementing Vision branches into high schools, such as: Maine Endwell, Union Endicott, Harpersville, Redding, BOCES, and eventually Binghamton, is to create a friendly environment to learn about finances. Through the opening of these credit unions, a widespread discussion of money has started. Muse stressed that the credit unions were purely created out of hope to help young people develop into strong adults. The company, Visions, as a whole does not profit off of the credit unions in schools. This is one reason other credit unions do not pursue ventures like this. However, Muse wanted to make sure Visions could build a relationship with many schools and students. He was very transparent in explaining, the benefits of school credit unions for Visions. To paraphrase, by creating a relationship between the students and Visions, hopefully, these students will become future clients or employees.

Muse said he, “Wishes he had an opportunity like this during his high school career.” Not only does becoming a student employee provide you with professional training, but also a summer job, scholarship money, and college recommendations. The opening of Visions credit unions throughout high schools, have inspired other credit unions to do the same, and reach out to their community, out of hope to help kids learn the importance of a dollar.

“A positive attitude, the belief anything is possible with hard work, and the power of education all helped empower me to succeed, so I can give back and educate the next generation,” he added.

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