IB Chem students visit Corning Glass Museum


Navjeet Kaur

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Students from IB Group 4 took a trip to the Glass Museum in Corning, NY on Wednesday,  March 20. It was mandatory trip for the IB science classes to atten and a way for the kids to see the three major sciences in action: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Accompanied by Mrs. Lowenstein,  Dr. Blane, Mrs.O’Donnell, Mrs. Lewis, and Mr. and Mrs. Suggs, the students got a tour of the artistic building. It was an educational tour on glass, it’s history and how it came about. Students got to see one of the first pieces of art dating back 4,000 years.

The students were also told what the glass on cars was made of and how there are two different types used. One is is a laminated glass famously known as bulletproof, and  it is made in such a way that is won’t shatter. The other type is known as tempered glass or compressed and it is used in the widows of the car. It has space for air in, so if you ever get in an accident medics could get you out by shattering the glass. Also the glass is meant to shatter or break down into cube like form so they aren’t sharp to hurt you.

Students also learned that the green in the ends of the glass was due to iron. They students saw models of glass factory, and their conveyor  belts. They students also got to witness a glass artist make beautiful glass bowl. They saw the artist when making the art piece was spinning the blowpipe, so the glass wouldn’t fall down due to gravity as it was in is melted state. They also learned that the color in the class was caused by various elements in the periodic table.

To get a rose gold color, the element Ag (Gold) is used. If  students happened to answer a question, they also won a glass art piece. The students were fascinated by the idea of  glass wire which are improving the quality of our television, which every one loves to watch.

Later on in the tour the students were greeted with amazing art pieces for glass artist around the world. They students were especially fond of the glass dresses. There were two of them: one clear and one the color of dark blue. They were fascinated by the idea that it was made for a really body caste and  if you looked closely you could see the curves and the shape of the original body.

A few students were mesmerized by a chess board, not because it was made entirely of glass including the chess pieces but how it was presented. It incorporated European history in it as one side were the Roman Catholics and the other side  Jewish.

There was gift shop where the students jokingly played the game of “guess the price” as the prices were quite high. Overall, the experience was quite rewarding as stated by one student, “It was a valuable learning experience connecting the different values of all sciences.” 

To apply this amazing learning experience, there is a project that follows in which groups students have to pick a topic related to glass and present in an creative way. So be sure to be on lookout for the creative walls as you pass by the chemistry class rooms.


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