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All students are invited to contribute to Vestal High School’s online newspaper! It’s easy – think of a topic, interview people in the know, write it up, and email it to Ms. Vanderpool at [email protected]

Can’t think of any story ideas? Here are a few to consider:


New student interviews – what’s it like to switch schools in high school


New teacher and staff interviews – there are several new teachers and staff this year. See Ms. Vanderpool for a list and you can interview them. Ask about how they heard about Vestal, why they came here, what they like best, etc.


Club and activity news – what’s going on in your club? Is there anything special planned? What does your club do? Are you looking for new members? If so, this is a great way to publicize your club or event.


Creative Writing  – We don’t mean fake news, we mean creative writing such as poetry and short stories that you’ve written and would like to share.


Editorials – Share your opinions on world, national, local, or school issues.


See Ms. Vanderpool in Room 292 or the Social Studies Office for more information.


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