The Reality of a cell phone

Shruti Venkatesh

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As a typical teenager I’m constantly using my cell phone on a daily basis. Whether it’s for school, texting my friends or making a simple “mom I need you to pick me up” phone call. Our society continues to evolve and we are constantly making new changes and additions to our smartphones… and yet we still don’t seem to understand some of the dangers involved using this mobile device.

Like most people I’m constantly intrigued by the latest cell phones produced from companies like Apple and Samsung and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. But coming to reality there are some serious drawbacks from using these mobile devices. For one, cell phones emit radiation which can lead to long term eye damage. Early symptoms can be blurred vision, eye irritation and eye fatigue which can unfortunately lead to early cataracts (the clouding of your eyes) and macular degeneration which is the leading cause of vision loss in most young adults.

Not only do these devices harm your vision but it can also affect your immune system as well. Your phone’s after a day’s use can contain 10 times more bacteria and prone germs than found on a toilet seat. Talk about gross. Not to mention they also have traumatic mental effects which can eventually lead to depression, addiction and even suicide. Now I’m not saying you should throw your phone in a bonfire and never use one again as long as you shall live, but it’s important for us to realize how much time we spend on our cell phone and we make sure we have limitations on these mobile devices

I feel like now we are constantly revolving around our cell phones and we don’t ever want to put them down or leave home without them. We’re cooped up inside so much we don’t ever realize what the outside world has to offer us. So go outside, take some time off of being on your phone,don’t let this piece of technology take control of your life and give you limitations rather you should be able to prevent yourself from being caught up of what’s on your screen.

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